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Intergalactic Spaceship crash lands on Earth. Other media outlets have not yet reported but those who have claimed that it is a space x rocket crashing. Seems like Space X is the new scapegoat for any innocuous crash landings on Earth or in the lower atmosphere. Many secret societies are testing out their advanced alien technology. Could this be one of those? Once you know you (sacred geometry) all you need is the tools to build the technology. Kind of like the movie the Astronaut Farmer.

Reality Surfers presents for your viewing pleasure extremely rare footage of what was believed to be a supernova is now being labeled as a star being swallowed by a black hole. The event was caught a few years ago and although the Reality Surfers are still investigating as to what exactly lead up to the actual events that occurred we all agree its pretty phenomenal to witness. With 2015 being the year of light does this footage symbolize our light energy embodiment? How when crossed with the right anomaly our light can increase exponentially into a gorgeous spacial event? Reality Surfers will continue to investigate and ask the right questions. 


Original Music by -  @emperorxam

The Reality Surfers presents to you this world at the tips of your fingers. Take care of Gaia. 


Song - LeCrae "Welcome to America"

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